Learn from Bryan Sonn and Mark Ainley in their exclusive video course about how to flip houses. We go over all the areas of the process to give you all the tools you need to be successful.

Our house flipping course videos cover how to buy homes, the best renovation strategy to get the most value for your dollar, budgeting for success, selling your house for a profit and so much more!

Yes! These are the guys you saw work through ‘the mistake on the lake’ on CNBC’s The Deed with Sean Conlon.

Our Online Course Will Teach You

How to FIND (and win) like a PRO

Real estate and turnkey investments is a tangible investment – much more secure than stock numbers on a computer screen. That said, it can be competitive. We’ll review all the best options and how we constantly beat our competition – getting exactly the properties we want.

How to FIX like a PRO

After rehabbing over 400 properties, we’re going to reveal how to find and keep the best contractors. We’ll also make sure you know what you should invest in when fixing your property – and what you should SAVE YOUR MONEY on! Hint: Don’t believe what you see on TV!

How to FLIP like a PRO

You can buy a great property and do everything else right on fixing it – but if it takes months to sell or you lose $10K on the sell price because of mistakes, you are LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE! Let us reveal step-by-step how we move so many properties.


Mark Ainley
Mark Ainley is the co-founder of GC Realty Investments (GCRI). Mark started GCRI because there was a need for high quality investment properties that investors could buy for cash flow. Mark recognized this need from traveling across the United States talking to other investors that wanted to buy property but were unable to find good returns in their local market.
Bryan Sonn
Bryan Sonn is the co-founder of GC Realty Investments. Bryan is what you would call a serial entrepreneur. He has started and successfully ran many businesses ranging from a bowling alley to a trucking company. In 2006 Bryan started in real estate and never looked back.
Walk Through Interviews
Follow us through an actual walkthrough during a renovation project. Bryan will share the story behind each property and will reveal the major decisions they've made on each property to maximize revenue.

Mark & Bryan preview what you'll learn:


Course Outline:

  • What you need to know before you even THINK about flipping properties. Watch NOW for FREE
  • Get yourself financially ready
  • Determine the kind of investment property you want to work with
  • How does the fix & flip money work?
  • How do you assemble an A-team?
  • How do you find properties?
  • How do you get the property at the price you want?
  • Okay – I own a property – what’s next?
  • How do I sell the thing?
  • BONUS VIDEO: What was it like appearing on CNBC’s ‘The Deed’?
  • BONUS VIDEO: How does GC Realty help create turn-key investment income for investors?

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